Philanthropy Northwest is proud to present “Now is the Time to Lead Through Change” the theme for our annual conference in Vancouver, Washington on October 3-5, 2017.

We are living in unprecedented times. By the time we meet in Vancouver, we will have had very different conversations than ever before. How are we convening conversations that promote relationships and cross-sector connections that lead to action? Are we forging partnerships for vibrant, equitable and inclusive communities? How are we working towards strengthening communities, organizations and individuals through:

• Building cross-sector networks
• Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
• Transparency and Accountability in Philanthropy
• Assessing and Learning from Results
• Building Capacity in the Social Sector
• Authentic Engagement & Collaboration with Stakeholders
• Innovating and Taking Risks
• Mobilizing Various Kinds of Capital
• Expanding Democracy

From Alaska to Wyoming, from urban to rural, we remain connected by a greater purpose: our shared commitment to advancing philanthropy to support vibrant, equitable and inclusive communities. We look forward to continuing the hallmark of creating space for our members and partners to learn together and from each other.

We will prioritize session proposals which:
- Include diverse perspectives, e.g., regional, racial, social/public sector etc.
- Allow for audience participation, engagement and discussion
- Are designed for specific types of Foundations, e.g., family, corporate, community, independent, public or population funds
- Provide tools, frameworks and/or case studies
- Are proposed by current Philanthropy Northwest members

Deadlines for submission
- April 5: RFP Opens
- May 8: RFP Submission Closed
- June 5: Selection committee decisions announced

Please contact Lyn Hunter at with any questions. Thank you!

* 1. What is your e-mail address?

* 2. Breakout session title

* 3. Workshop Description. Please provide a brief description of your session and include how you are incorporating or responding to the themes outlined above. Your entry will be reviewed by the conference committee. Please be as thorough as possible in 500 words or less.

* 4. Who is the primary audience for this session? [Emerging or seasoned staff, funder type, staff role]:

* 5. What is the structure of your session?

* 6. What are the takeaways or outcomes?

* 7. In what ways does your session meet the priorities mentioned above?

* 8. We want to provide an inclusive conference experience. To help us ensure that your speakers are as diverse as the communities we serve, please tell us about who will be presenting in this session and how they reflect the diversity of our region.

* 9. Please tell us more about how current Philanthropy Northwest members are involved in this submission.

* 10. Are you flexible about having Philanthropy Northwest make suggestions that might modify your submission? This may include tweaks to better align the session content, structure or speakers to better align with the priorities. Our team would consult with you prior to finalizing any changes.

* 11. Anything else we should know?

* 12. Please share your contact information (i.e., name, position, organization, e-mail and phone number)

We appreciate your interest. You will hear back from us in early June. Please contact Lyn Hunter at with any questions.

Thank you for your submission!
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