The following questions reflect the District's Local Control Accountability Plan. Your responses will provide important feedback about our academic program.

* 1. My child's grade level:

* 2. My child receives quality instruction at BCE in:

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
Visual and Performing Arts
Physical Education

* 3. My child's needs and strengths are addressed and supported by the classroom teacher.

* 4. I understand the support programs available for my child at the school.

* 5. The standards-based report card clearly communicates my child's level of learning.

* 6. Grades and comments on the report card help me to understand my child's progress and how I can support them at home.

* 7. My child's homework load is:

* 8. My child reads daily at home.

* 9. I have a clear understanding of my child's reading level.

* 10. Comments about the Academic Program at BCE - Please include specific things we are doing well, as well as, specific ways we can improve.