Introduction to the Effective Altruism Survey - 2018

Thank you very much in advance for completing this survey. It should help the effective altruist community better understand our actions, values, demographics, and ideas. All questions are optional (apart from one important question to verify that your answers should be counted).

Most are multiple choice and the main section of the survey takes approximately 10-20 minutes to complete, depending on how extensively you answer the survey. We have included a few sections for extra comments if there is some extra detail you would like to add (these are strictly optional).

The EA survey is a community project run by Rethink Charity. The results will not belong to any one person or organization. Results will be shared anonymously unless you give your explicit permission otherwise.

Sections of Survey
Effective Altruism Involvement
Cause Preferences
Donation Information
Demographic Information
Behavioral Information
Survey Feedback
Sharing Information
Extra Credit

Thank you for taking this survey! Feel free to forward this survey to others using this link. We hope the results will be useful. We will provide a report of the results, but anyone who is interested can access the anonymized data and perform analyses themselves.

* 1. Are you aware of effective altruism?

* 2. Are you giving genuine, sincere answers?