Welcome to the 2019 Senior Survey!

Thank you for participating in our survey.   Your responses are completely anonymous and will be used to help us to plan for services and advocate for the needs of seniors.  Your feedback is very important and we appreciate your time. Let's get started!

Question Title

* 1. Are any of these a challenge for you?

Paying my mortgage or rent
I have been at risk of losing my housing
Maintaining my home (yard work, home repairs)
Doing housework
Paying for help in my home if I need it
Paying for health care costs
Paying for medications
Paying for dental care
Managing debt, including credit cards
Do you have money saved for unexpected expenses?
Getting legal help for issues like benefits, housing, etc.
Understanding Medicare/Medi-Cal coverage
Feeling lonely or isolated
Feeling sad or depressed
Finding a reliable person to help if I need it
Finding employment
Concerns with someone managing your money?
Felt scared of or hurt by a family member of caregiver?
Do you feel safe in your neighborhood?
Have you had a fall within the past six months?
Do you have enough money to purchase food for healthy, balanced meals each month?
Are you able to get to the grocery store, shop for food, and carry the bags of groceries home?
Are you physically able to cook nutritious meals?
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17% of survey complete.