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Oklahoma College Application Week will be held during the week of September 18-22, 2017. It's a special time set aside for high school seniors to complete their college applications with the assistance of onsite, knowledgeable counselors and volunteers.  The Oklahoma College Assistance Program (OCAP) is providing tools and resources to help Oklahoma high schools and other organizations initiate a College App Day/Week/Event for the seniors they serve.

Please complete this simple registration form to help us determine the number of schools and students who plan to participate, and so that we may provide the appropriate guidance and materials for your event. You will receive posters to help you promote your event and an 'I Applied to College' sticker for every senior who participates.

* What is the name of your school/organization?

* What is the name of the person who will be coordinating the  College App Week activities for your school/organization?

* What is that person's phone number (include area code)?

* What is the school/organization mailing address?

* What is that person's email address?

* How many high school seniors from your school/organization are scheduled to graduate in the 2017-2018 school year? OR, if you are not registering as a high school (i.e. library, vocational-technical school or other location), how many seniors do you hope will attend your event?

* What is the anticipated/scheduled date for your College App Week, Day or event?