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We’re introducing three alternative corridors to connect Santa Clara and North San José via a joyful, continuous, and connected low-stress bicycle superhighway. See how your input is shaping the Central Bikeway and let us know what you think so far.

The Central Bikeway would be built using three bikeway types shown below. The alternatives presented use these bikeway types in different areas. The survey will explain how your feedback from the first round of engagement helped develop the alternatives and ask about your preferences and where you want to ride.

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One-way Protected Bikeway

One-way protected bikeway

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Two-way Protected Bikeway

two-way protected bikeway

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Off-street Trail

Off-street trail
For project updates and additional information: vta.org/CentralBikeway

The Central Bikeway Study is being led by Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) in collaboration with community members, community-based organizations, the Cities of Santa Clara and San José, Santa Clara County, and Caltrans to develop a route for an east-west bicycle “superhighway” between Santa Clara and North San José. The Study will explore the preferences of the Santa Clara and San José communities to understand where the superhighway should go, and what features and amenities should be included in the design. The Study will produce conceptual design documents that the VTA will use as a starting point to identify funding opportunities to move into more detailed project design.

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Engagement Timeline

Timeline of engagement events for the Central Bikeway Study. The purpose of the second round of engagement events in March 2021 is to collaborate on bikeway design concept.
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