The Otoe-Missouria Tribe is seeking your participation in the creation of a community-wide comprehensive historic preservation plan. This survey is to also learn what aspects of historic preservation are important to you, your level of participation, skills and how the tribe can better identify, preserve and protect our culture and places of importance for future generations.

This survey is anonymous, however you may leave your name and contact information if you are interested in participating in future preservation efforts. Thank you for your participation!

These questions are to be answered as they relate to Otoe-Missouria culture and activities ONLY.

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. Membership

* 4. From which parent do you get your Otoe-Missouria lineage?

* 5. Do you know your Otoe-Missouria Clan?

* 6. How many people reside in your household?

* 7. Please rate culture/historic preservation in order of importance to you in your DAILY life:

* 8. What ceremonies, traditions, social and religious activities are important to you, your tribal community and future generations? Select all that apply

* 9. Rating Scale: Please rate your participation in Otoe-Missouria activities/events

  Never Once a year Two to five times a year Six to eight times a year Once a month Weekly/every time it's held
Language Use 
Language Revitalization
Veterans Organizations
Big drum songs
Peyote songs
Tribal church hymns
Peyote ceremonies
Gourd Dance
War Mothers
Christian Indian Church
Cooking at tribal events
Sweat Lodge
Prayer service
Benefit dance
Hand games
Indian dice
Memorial dinners
Hair combing
Tribal government

* 10. Do you know how to make traditional Otoe-Missouria regalia?

* 11. Do you know how to make Otoe-Missouria instruments or tools needed for ceremonies, traditions, or social events?

* 12. What prevents you from participating more in cultural activities/events?

* 13. Why do you participate in cultural activities/events?

* 14. Is speaking your Otoe-Missouria language fluently a goal?

* 15. Have you ever attended an Otoe-Missouria language program sponsored by the tribe?

* 16. Would you be interested in attending Otoe-Missouria language classes?

* 17. If you are willing to help with the Otoe-Missouria language program, in what ways would you be able to serve?

* 18. What types of Otoe-Missouria language instruction would be most helpful to you? Please mark your top 3

* 19. Please mark Agree, Disagree or No Opinion:

  Agree Disagree No Opinion
We will always have our Otoe-Missouria language.
Our Otoe-Missouria language is worth learning.
Our Otoe-Missouria language is difficult to learn.
I am responsible for learning my Otoe-Missouria language and heritage.
Within 5 to 10 years our Otoe-Missouria language will be completely gone.
Our Otoe-Missouria language is not important to learn because everyone speaks English.
It is the Tribal Programs responsibility to teach Otoe-Missouria language.
Family members/elders are responsible for teaching our Otoe-Missouria language.
I would be proud to speak my Otoe-Missouria language.

* 20. What types of animals, plants, or medicines do you gather, or would gather, for Otoe-Missouria traditional purposes?

* 21. What natural resources are important to you, your Otoe-Missouria tribal community, and future generations? Please select your top four choices.

* 22. What do you feel are the most important resources for maintaining Otoe-Missouria ceremonies/traditions, and resources?   

       Please mark your top 3.

* 23. Do you feel that growing up around Otoe-Missouria tribal lands is important to facilitate Otoe-Missouria cultural knowledge?

* 24. What country, state, city, town, and/or community do you live in?

* 25. What sites would you like to see historical signage or other kinds of markers placed to identify that location and its historical or cultural significance?

* 26. The Tribal Historic Preservation Office will be creating Otoe-Missouria educational materials for the community. What topics are you most interested in? Please check all those that apply.

* 27. If you are interested in volunteering with the Tribal Historic Preservation Office efforts, please share your contact information including you name, address, telephone number and email. Thank you!

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