Am I Qualified to Be A Member of SFWA?

Thank you for your interest in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. With the recent addition of indie/self-published and small press authors into the organization, our entry requirements can be a little confusing. 

We hope by taking this brief questionnaire, we will be able to tell you if you qualify for membership in the organization. 

This survey is for authors of novels, short fiction, tv and movie manuscripts only.

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Affiliate: Has a professional involvement in science fiction or fantasy (such as academics, editors, agents, artists, graphic novelists, reviewers, etc,) but is not eligible to become an Active or Associate member. For more information on this class, please see:

Institutional Membership:Has a legitimate interest in science fiction and fantasy (such as high schools, colleges, universities, libraries, and similar institutions, as well as broadcasting organizations, film producers, futurology groups and similar organizations). Individuals representing the above groups may also join as Institutional Members. For more information, please see:

Estate Memberships: A candidate shall be eligible for Estate Membership if he or she is the legal representative for the estate of a deceased author who was an Active member or who was qualified to be an Active member at any time during their writing career.