1. Car Sharing Survey

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Your school is considering implementing a car sharing program, Enterprise CarShare, on your campus. We are asking you to complete a 5 minute voluntary survey to assess interest in car sharing. No identifying information will be retained by any party and your responses will be used solely for program improvement.

Your feedback and participation below is greatly appreciated.

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* 1. Please select if you are:

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* 2. Are you aware of a service called "car sharing"?

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* 3. Have you ever used a car sharing service in another city?

- Car sharing is a member-based program available for people who need a vehicle to run an errand, get around town or simply need a vehicle and don't have one.

- Vehicles are parked on campus and available to rent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the hour, overnight or by the day.

- Most programs include gas, Collision Damage Waiver and Liability Protection in with the member fees.

- Environmental benefits include reducing the number of vehicles on campus, reducing our carbon footprint and a cost effective alternative to personal vehicle ownership.

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* 4. Based on the description above, would you plan to join a car sharing program if it were implemented on your campus?

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* 5. If available, how often would you utilize?