You are receiving this survey because your community recently applied for the Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) award from the League of American Bicyclists, and we want to hear from residents, local area bicyclists, and bike advocates about your experiences and perceptions of bicycling in the community.

Your input will help the League and the applicant community to better understand current bicycling conditions and potential areas for improvement.

This survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes to respond to, and each question is optional. Aggregate survey responses will be shared anonymously with the applicant community as part of their BFC Feedback Report. 

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Thank you for sharing your input and helping to create a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone!
You can view the complete list of current Bicycle Friendly Communities by state here. To encourage your community to apply to become a Bicycle Friendly Community, see our Advocate Toolkit.