Evaluation Form for Breastfeeding 201: Building on the Basics

Your feedback informs adjustments to this class and guides other breastfeeding education opportunities in Kansas.  You will be able to print your certificate of completion, with continuing education information, at the end of this survey.

Question Title

* 1. At the end of this program, I was able to meet the following objectives:
1= Did not meet objectives to  5=Fully met objectives

  1 2 3 4 5
Identify 3 signs of adequate breastmilk intake.
Name 4 possible causes of delayed lactation.
Compare and contrast the use of these supplemental feeding devices: Cup/finger/spoon/bottle.
Recall three common symptoms of a tongue-tied infant.
Summarize breastfeeding challenges of an early term infant.
Recall 3 techniques to optimizing milk collection when using a breast pump.
Identify 3 evidence-based research resources to identify safety considerations for maternal medications, drugs and herbs during lactation.
Restate AAP & WHO breastfeeding length recommendations. 

Question Title

* 2. Please rate the following:
1= Strongly Disagree  to  5=Strongly Agree

  1 2 3 4 5
The program was well organized.
Teaching methods/strategies were effective.
The instructional materials helped me understand the content.
Online platform or meeting space supported a learning environment.
This was a high-quality educational program.
Conflict of interest was disclosed at the start of this educational activity
The instructor(s) demonstrated expertise in the content area.

Question Title

* 3. Did you as a participant notice any bias not previously disclosed in the program?