* 1. Name of your School:

* 2. Current Grade Level: 

* 4. The number of years you have participated in BEST:

* 5. By participating in BEST, please share if you have learned any of the following:

  No clue what you are asking I do this sometimes I do this a lot I have mastered this I have mastered this by participating in BEST
Understand and apply new information to solve current and future problems
Listen to others and ask appropriate questions 
Apply logic and reasoning to solve problems 
Select appropriate training materials or methods when teaching other team members new things
Evaluate large problems by breaking them down into smaller problems to solve

* 6. Have you applied what you have learned in class to building a robot and the BEST Award (marketing, engineering notebook, exhibit booth, spirit & sportsmanship):

  Yes I have! Maybe No, not at all
Public Speaking

* 7. Have you been involved with fundraising, creating a budget and determining how the money will be spent for your BEST team?

* 8. Have you been involved with obtaining tools, equipment or any materials needed to complete the role or task you contribute to your BEST team?

* 9. Have you been involved with motivating and directing other BEST team members and identifying the best people for each job?

* 10. How do you and your team handle time management?

* 11. As a BEST team member, I am able to persuade and negotiate with others to reconcile differences or to change behaviors.

* 12. Have you learned any of the following skills by participating in BEST?

  Yes I have Maybe a little No, not at all
Judgment and Decision Making - considering actions and choosing the best one
Systems Analysis - determining how a robot or system should work and how to make changes
Systems Evaluation - Identifying system or robot performance and the actions needed to improve to correct or improve performance to meet goals

* 13. Have you or any of your BEST team mates performed any routine maintenance on your team's equipment or determined what type of maintenance is needed? Check ALL that apply.

* 14. Have you ever programmed your team's robot?

* 15. Have you or your team used ANY type of software or technology to assist in designing your robot, exhibit booth or other components of BEST?

* 16. By participating in BEST, would you be able to apply your troubleshooting and repair skills to situations outside of BEST?

* 17. Please list the skills that you have mastered by participating in BEST.  List as many as possible.  

* 18. Tell us about your career goals and whether you plan to work in the State of Alabama.