Welcome to the 2024 Belmont Day School Parent Survey!

Since its founding, the relationship between parents and the school has been essential to the high standard of excellence promised in our mission and to which we aspire every year. The school administration and board of trustees are eager to her from our parents anonymously in this satisfaction-based survey designed to understand your family's experience this year and gauge the health of our community.

Based on feedback, we have reduced the number of survey questions and done our best to streamline them to honor your time - you can expect it to take about twenty minutes to complete. Please consider the school year as a whole as your provide us with this critically important information. The school administration will review your feedback this summer and provide information about how it will implement it at the State of the School event next fall.

Thank you for your participation.

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* 2. How likely are you to recommend Belmont Day to a friend or colleague?

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* 3. Please let us know the singlemost important reason you would recommend BDS.

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* 4. Please let us know the singlemost important change we could make to improve your recommendation.

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* 5. Distinct from your recommendation, how satisfied are you with your child's experience at Belmont Day School?