* 1. School Crest - Do you like the school values being included?

* 2. School Crest - Do you like that there is English wording?

* 3. School Crest - Do you like that there is Maori wording?

* 4. The name of our school is a symbol of who we are. Would you like to keep the name Glenfield College? If you could choose another name, what would that be and why would you change?

* 5. School Name - Do you think a name change would be beneficial?

* 6. What is your perception of Glenfield College?

* 7. On what do you base your perceptions of Glenfield College on? (You may answer more than one)

* 8. What do you believe 'others' perceptions of Glenfield College to be?

* 9. How does Glenfield College perform in NCEA examinations and University Entrance?