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Your input is VERY important!

Baraga County as well as the Village of L'Anse and L'Anse Township are updating their Five-Year Recreation Plans and seek your input in prioritizing recreational projects for future planning. This survey includes questions about your recreational interests and preferences for improvements to recreation sites owned by Baraga County or the Village of L'Anse and L'Anse Township. This joint survey will ensure greater response from ALL residents and visitors alike.

Participation is voluntary and responses are confidential. The anonymous results from this survey will be published as part of Baraga County's Five-Year Recreation Plan and the Village of L'Anse & L'Anse Township's Five-Year Recreation Plan.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Lisa McKenzie, Assistant Regional Planner, at (906) 482-7205 x118 or Thank you for your time and thoughtful responses!

Baraga County Parks and Recreation Committee and the
L'Anse Village and Township Recreation Planning Committee

Response Deadline  EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 15, 2022!!
In order for your feedback to be included, please complete the survey no later than September 25, 2022.

Baraga County owns one park and is in the process of purchasing land for a second park.
1. Point Abbaye
2. Sturgeon River Park

The Village of L'Anse and L'Anse Township own and/or operate ten (10) recreation assets/facilities:
1. Waterfront Park
2. Marina
3. Third Street Park
4. Meadowbrook Arena
5. Pinery Lake Ski Trail
6. L'Anse Township Park & Campground
7. Second Sand Beach Park
8. L'Anse Township Hall
9. Sixth Street Basketball Court
10. Meadowbrook Park

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