As part of the 2021 National Rural Housing Conference, the Housing Assistance Council (HAC) will recognize individuals and/or organizations that have, through their continued work and or newly established initiatives, made a positive and lasting impact in rural America.

Acknowledging the difficulty of the past year and the many associated inequities revealed, HAC seeks to honor those that leaned into the challenges to create positive impacts. In doing so, HAC invites nominations for both individuals and organizations who have made an outstanding and enduring contribution to affordable housing in rural America.

This year, HAC will consider each nomination on its own merit, relative to the specified contributions. When making a nomination, please include a brief narrative on why the individual or organization should receive recognition and include the specific impact(s) or contribution(s).

Potential Categories:

Social Justice
  • Climate and Environmental Awareness
  • Preservation of Affordable Housing
  • Economic Recovery and Resiliency
  • Innovative Design Methods
  • Health and Quality of Living


Nominations are appreciated on or before Friday, September 17, 2021. For questions, please contact Miguel Guevara by email at miguel@ruralhome.org.