Welcome to the Athens TDP Service Scenarios Survey!

The purpose of The Athens County Transit Development Plan (TDP) is to provide HAPCAP with a 5-10 year plan for how to allocate transit operating and capital resources in Athens County that reflects current community needs, values, and priorities.

We now need your input!

Over the past few months, the project team has gathered information about the existing transit services and feedback from the community through an online survey, a survey of existing transit riders, community meetings, and focused discussions with stakeholders. Using what we have learned through this process, two conceptual service scenarios have been developed for how Athens Public Transit (APT) fixed route service could be provided in the future:

Scenario A - This scenario continues to provide APT fixed route service in Athens, Chauncey and The Plains and introduces new "microtransit" zones in the communities of Nelsonville, Albany, Glouster/Trimble/Jacksonville.

Scenario B
– This scenario focuses on maintaining APT fixed route service in Athens, The Plains, Chauncey and Nelsonville and extends fixed route service to Jacksonville, Trimble, and Glouster. One microtransit zone would be provided in Albany with connections to fixed route service in Athens.

Please note that these two scenarios are conceptual and are intended primarily to get input on your priorities. The preferred service plan will likely contain a combination of concepts presented in both scenarios based on your input!

We also recognize that transit service in Athens County is currently operating at reduced service levels compared to before the COVID-19 pandemic. As much as we want to restore and/or add service, our first goal must be to ensure that service can reliably be operated with existing resources.

To help us plan for the future when additional funding, operators, and vehicles are available, we are also asking for your input on future service improvement priorities.

Thank you for your interest and as you make comments, please be specific about what you like or do not like!

If you would like help completing this survey, please contact one of HAPCAP's Mobility Managers:
Paige Gates at (740) 767-4500 or Ben Ziff at (740) 767-1085.