The AABC Foundation (AABCF) is a not-for-profit organization established by the American Association of Birth Centers in 1994 to advance public knowledge and understanding of issues related to family-centered childbirth. The Foundation raises funds to support the advancement of the AABC birth center model as the standard to improve maternity and women's health care.

Due to the generosity of donors, AABCF established a grant in 2014 to assist birth center applicants with up to 50% of accreditation fees due to the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC) for (1) birth centers that are working towards accreditation for the first time and (2) accredited birth centers that require financial assistance with their annual fees. The AABCF will have the exclusive authority to determine all grant guidelines, criteria, timelines and awards, and will monitor all grants.

Grant Criteria:
To qualify a birth center must have:
* AABC membership
* A demonstrated financial hardship to pay 100% of the CABC accreditation fees
* A demonstrated capacity and a plan to complete the accreditation process with the intent to maintain accreditation.

Special consideration will be given to birth centers that demonstrate one or more of the following:
* A commitment to serving low income women and/or women on Medical Assistance
* Situated in a rural or low-income area
* Annual gross revenues of less than $100,000
* A commitment to foster public education about birth centers
14% of survey complete.