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The purpose of this survey is to help facilitate the implementation of the CCP. As such, we invite your feedback on the CAP CCP resources and/or your portal (MyCAPLogin) CCP experience. 

Please note that a member program evaluation survey will be conducted annually at practice permit renewal time.  

Also know that this survey is not monitored daily, so please contact the College using the question box on the CAP CCP webpage.

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* 1. On which  CAP CCP resources are you providing feedback?

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* 2. Please share your feedback. 

By submitting this form, I hereby consent to the College of Alberta Psychologists’, collection and use of my personal information for the purpose of College communications regarding the Continuing Competence Program  in accordance with the Health Professions Act, Personal Information Protection Act and the Privacy Policy of the College of Alberta Psychologists.

Specifically, the information collected in the survey will be used to inform and refine the College’s efforts in ensuring psychologists demonstrate the required minimum jurisprudence and ethical knowledge. As well, some data may be used as part of future reporting on the CCP in publications such as the CAP annual report and CAP Monitor.

These documents can be found on the College website at Please contact the Privacy Officer of the College if you have any questions.
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