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Thank you for providing feedback on the Brewers Association Beer Style Guidelines. The style guidelines evolve over time to reflect market trends, more comprehensive analysis, and greater understanding of how beer is made and how it tastes, smells and appears. Over 90% of suggested changes are incorporated each year; your input is valuable.

Before providing feedback, please review the guideline by downloading a copy of the most recent version of the BA Beer Style Guidelines. It's very possible that your suggestion or comment has already been included in the most recent style update. If you find that your comments are still needed, please submit them.

You can provide as much or as little feedback about an individual style as you wish. Comments regarding the grouping or categorization of beer styles within competitions are welcome, and will be treated separately. Only fill out the areas that you propose to update. If you are proposing to add a new beer style, be sure to include technical data ranges if known, and references to articles that provide background about the new style.

These suggestions are pooled and reviewed in November and December, and the guidelines are then edited in January and early February of each year by our Beer Style Guidelines Committee. A new edition of the BA Style Guidelines is then published each year in late February or March. Comments received in this survey will be reviewed in fall of 2020 for inclusion in the 2021 edition of the BA Beer Style Guidelines.

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