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We would like to assess how 2017 was for NON-migratory New York State beekeepers and their beehives. Information may help to determine trends in honeybee health and enable beekeepers to see these trends.

Please complete the survey as best as you can and write any comments you feel that can add to future surveys and improve the NY Bee Wellness program. Only 7 questions are required.
All info is confidential, and general results of the survey will be shared and posted on NYBeeWellness.org by the New Year.

For the results of previous surveys, please see the website (NYBeeWellness.org). Remember, results are broken down by regions within New York State.

Questions? : survey@nybeewellness.org
Thank you!

* 1. How many live overwintered hives or nucs did you have at the start of April ? Please enter a number.

* 2. How many NEW hives did you add this year?
If the hives were from packages and/or nucs,
please list which state the bees originated from, if known, in the #14 comment box below.

* 3. Please add the TOTAL number of hives from Question #2.

* 4. How many of the hives from QUESTIONS #1 and #3 are entering Winter?

* 5. Did you raise your own queens?

* 6. Did you combine any hives in the Fall?

* 7. If you checked for varroa mite levels in September or October, Please check your preferred method.

* 8. For sugar and alcohol  rolls, what was your highest Fall mite count for 300 bees (1/2 cup) from a hive in your apiary? Please enter a number.

* 9. If you treated for mites, what treatment did you use?
Enter when you used a treatment this season in the comment box

* 10. What problems did your bees have this year?
How was the malady diagnosed? Did you send samples to Beltsville , or use other testing?

* 11. What NY county are most of your bees in?

* 12. Were you pleased with this year's honey crop? NOTE: 60# is the average for NYS
You may add approximate pounds per hive produced (harvested) in the comment box.

* 13. How can the NY Bee Wellness program assist you?

* 14. Any additional comments, survey improvements. Thank you!

* 15. Contact info.
You will receive the survey results and newsletters.

Thank you.
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