2024 LAPD Chief of Police Community Survey - English

The City of Los Angeles has initiated the recruitment for the next Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. Under the City Charter, the recruitment for the Chief of Police is conducted by the General Manager of the City Personnel Department and the Board of Police Commissioners. The Board of Police Commissioners will submit the names of three candidates ranked in numerical order to the Mayor, who will then appoint one as the Chief of Police with the selection confirmed by the City Council. Our community members have a critical role to play in helping to recruit the next Chief of Police. Through community input sessions and this online survey, community input will be used when evaluating applicant’s knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics. This information will also be used to develop interview questions. The survey results will be summarized and made available to the public for their information.

Please take a moment to complete this survey. Required questions are marked with an asterisk. Please submit your survey no later than Friday, June 14, 2024.
1.Please indicate the level of importance for the following CHARACTERISTICS AND QUALITIES that the next Chief of Police should possess:(Required.)
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Is a respected leader with a proven track record and experience in law enforcement.
Is a strong leader who has the ability to build and maintain credibility with the Department and community.
Has integrity and is known for being trustworthy, fair, honest, and transparent.
Has a deep understanding and respect for the diverse communities of Los Angeles.
Has strong communication skills and facilitates open and honest dialogue within the
Department and the community.
Understands nationally-recognized best practices in policing and implements
constitutional and community policing.
Is a visionary and has the ability to motivate, inspire, and lead the Department’s
Respects and welcomes civilian oversight, including the Police Commission’s role in
setting policies and overseeing the Department’s operations.
Treats employees fairly and holds them accountable.
2.Please indicate the level of importance for the following EXPERIENCES that the next Chief of Police should possess:(Required.)
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Executive-level and supervisory experience in a large law enforcement organization.
Experience developing meaningful solutions to prevent and reduce crime.
Experience implementing initiatives to improve recruiting and retention of police officers.
Experience developing community engagement across diverse communities.
Experience implementing innovative practices and technology.
Crisis management and public relations experience.
Experience serving at all ranks within a police department.
Management skills, including experience in budgeting and developing strategic
Level of education.
Experience addressing concerns raised by community members, city officials, media
outlets, police unions, employees, and other stakeholders.
3.Please indicate the level of importance for the following PRIORITIES that the next Chief of Police should set for the Department:(Required.)
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Improving the recruitment and retention of officers.
Crime prevention and reduction.
Traffic enforcement and pedestrian safety programs.
Prioritizing community policing and community engagement.
Supporting and expanding unarmed and alternative response models, particularly for
calls for service involving mental health or individuals experiencing homelessness.
Improving response time to emergency calls for service.
Prioritizing office training, such as for de-escalation and use-of-force techniques,
reducing implicit bias in policing, and responding to people in crisis.
Increasing youth programs and youth engagement.
Transparency in collecting data and making data available to the public.
Preventing over-policing of people of color, racial profiling, and racial bias in stops
and searches.
Commitment to de-escalation of force training and accountability of officers.
4.How can the Los Angeles Police Department better serve your community?
5.Are you a resident of the City of Los Angeles?
6.If you answered YES to the previous question, please enter the zip code of your residence below.
7.If applicable, how many years have you resided in the City of Los Angeles:
8.Do you work within Los Angeles city limits?
9.If you answered YES to the previous question, please enter the zip code of your primary work location below.
10.Do you or a family member work for the Los Angeles Police Department? (Optional)
11.Which of the following best describes your age? (Optional)
12.Which race or ethnicity best describes you? (Optional)
13.With which gender do you most identify? (Optional)
14.What is your sexual orientation? (Optional)
Your feedback is extremely valuable to us.