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The Government is inviting feedback on a draft Road Safety Strategy for New Zealand 2020-2030. You can read it here
Thank you for taking the time to respond to this public consultation. Your feedback is important.

This survey will close at 5pm on Wednesday 14 August 2019.

To begin the survey, please click on the 'go to next page' button at the bottom of this page.

You will need to click on the submit button at the end of the survey for your submission to be formally considered.

This survey contains 28 questions and may take around 10 minutes (or more) to complete. It asks you for your views on:
  • our proposed vision
  • our proposed target for 2030
  • our seven proposed decision making principles
  • our five proposed focus areas
  • priority and future actions
  • how we monitor performance.
Please refer to the consultation document as you work through the questions.

Please use this online survey to deliver your submission. It is a collation and analysis tool and it also collects the key information we need for legal reasons.

You may wish to prepare answers to each question in a separate document first and then transfer them into the survey tool, but please deliver your submission through the tool. Anything that comes outside of the system will be unable to be analysed alongside all the other submissions received. This tool does not save your answers if you exit halfway through. There is an option to attach supporting information at the end of the survey for anything that doesn't fit with the questions we are collecting on.

If you have trouble using this submission tool, please contact us at


We will use your submission to help us create the final strategy and separate first action plan.

We will publish a summary of submissions. If you do not want your name or any identifying information to be included in anything we publish, please indicate this in the final section of this survey.

Please note that your submission is also subject to the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA). This means that other people will be able to obtain copies of submissions by making a request under the OIA. If you think there are grounds for your information to be withheld under the OIA, please note this at the end of the survey. We will take your reasons into account and may consult with you when responding to requests under the OIA.

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