At the Book Store, students are our first priority. Our mission is to be the trusted source for services and products essential to the advancement of knowledge, student success and an enriched campus experience. 

To achieve this mission, we need feedback from you, the students. This short 2-minute survey is designed to both receive feedback on the perceived value of textbooks, courseware and digital course materials and use these findings to determine how the Book Store can offer better value for students. 

We thank you for your feedback and to show our appreciation you have the chance to win 1 of 10 $100 Retail Services Gift Cards (enter your information at the end of the survey).

Participation in this survey is confidential and voluntary. You may decline to respond to any question by leaving it blank with no loss of your chance to win a Book Store gift card. Your chances of winning depend on how many individuals complete the survey. Prize recipients may be asked to complete a skill-testing question. If you wish to be entered into the student draw without participating in the survey, please email . For more information about privacy and contest rules, please visit Your name and email will be stored separately from your responses and deleted once the draw is complete on October 31st, 2018.

Thank you,
The Book Store

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