Application to Request Funds for Student-Conceptualized Events

Before filling out this application, please note:
  • CPL has limited funding to support student-generated events during the academic year.
  • This application form is for the support of events that are NOT conferences or treks. (Conference funding request form can be found here.)
  • CPL does not provide partial funding for student events (i.e., we do not financially co-sponsor student events with other centers or organizations).
  • CPL does not provide funding for travel incidentals, parties, or gifts.
  • CPL only provides funding for events generated by students currently enrolled at HKS.
For your program to qualify as an event it must... 
  1. Be an independent, one-time event (if event is recurring or annual, please see student conference funding application here).
  2. Be completely independent of Leadership Development events or CPL Fellowship co-curricular programming.
  3. Be less than three hours long.
  4. Have a total budget of less than $2,500.
  5. Attract an audience of approximately 20-200 people.
If your application is successful, CPL will assume responsibility for logistical planning and internal coordination of your event, as well as marketing oversight. Applications must demonstrate impact on the HKS community, and align with CPL’s strategic priorities including leadership development, social innovation, diversity/inclusion, and behavioral insights. 

* 1. Please provide your contact information.

* 2. Please select your CPL Fellowship.

* 3. Please describe your student leadership team by listing all student members who are responsible for leading and organizing the event, including their roles or positions.

* 4. Please describe your event (300 words max).

* 5. What is your event’s link to the mission of the Center for Public Leadership?
(CPL's mission can be found by clicking here.)

* 6. How will your event impact or interest the HKS community?

* 7. How many HKS students are expected to attend?

* 8. What is your requested funding amount?

* 9. Itemized budget for event (numbers can be approximate):

* 10. Additional information/supporting documentation: