Application to Request Funds for Student-Led Conference

Criteria: CPL provides funding support opportunities for students engaging in the practice of leadership and hands on experiential learning through student-led conferences on the Harvard campus. Our focus is on student-led conferences, which allow students to exercise leadership. 
  • CPL does not fund student-led treks beyond Leadership Service Seminars (LSS’s) as Centers that provide financial support for treks assume liability for the trip.
  • CPL does NOT fund journals since other Centers provide ample funding opportunities for research and student journals; CPL provides a unique opportunity to focus on the “practice of leadership.”
Applications must demonstrate strong student leadership, impact on the HKS community, alignment with CPL’s strategic priorities including leadership development, social innovation, diversity / inclusion, and behavioral insights.  Students are also asked to provide a detailed budget with other sources they will tap for funding; the percentage of the overall budget that would be supported by CPL; and how CPL will be acknowledged through outreach, promotion and materials.

* 1. Please list:

* 2. Degree program:

* 3. CPL Fellowship Affiliation (if applicable):

* 4. Student leadership team description: Please list all student members who are responsible for leading and organizing the conference including their roles or positions.

* 5. Conference description (300 words max):

* 6. Connection to the mission ( of the Center for Public Leadership: Please include a description of how the conference will allow students to exercise leadership.

* 7. How will this conference impact or interest the HKS community?

* 8. How many HKS students will be reached/impacted?

* 9. Requested amount:

* 10. Budget: Please provide an overview with detailed expenses and revenue sources.

* 11. How will CPL be recognized as a sponsor for this conference (i.e. promotional materials, signage, announcements)?

* 12. Please list other co-sponsors you have or plan to solicit for support.

* 13. If you have applied for funding in previous years, how much have you received in past years?. If the requested amount is different, what has changed about the conference?

* 14. Please attach additional supporting documentation (i.e. budgets, proposals, etc.) if necessary.