Superintendent Survey

As the Selma City Board of Education prepares to search for a new school superintendent, we would like your input.  In the following survey, you will be asked what skills, traits and experiences you would like to see in our next leader.  You also will be asked what issues you think will be important as the new superintendent is selected.

The results are strictly anonymous.  We appreciate your input and will use the results to help guide the interview and selection process as well as to make strategic decisions for the future.

* 1. Please indicate how important it is that your next superintendent have successful experience in the following areas:

  Not Important at All Somewhat Important Neutral Important Very Important
Successfully managing a school system of equal or larger size
Preparing and managing budgets, facilities and projects
Monitoring and assessing curriculum and instruction
Maintaining and increasing student achievement
Cultivating partnership with employee organizations
Leading in a diverse environment
Leading innovation and technology initiatives
Partnering with area business and industry
Demonstrated effective communication ability
Ensuring student safety and discipline
Creating a positive climate for employees
Effectively managing employees and their performance

* 2. Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  Not At all Important Somewhat Important Neutral Important Very Important
The superintendent should have a doctorate.
The superintendent should have a master’s degree.
The superintendent should have served as a superintendent elsewhere.
The superintendent should have teaching experience.

* 3. The superintendent should have experience as an administrator.
From the list below, select the three most important or significant issues/challenges facing Selma City Schools.

* 4. Please rate the importance of the following characteristics in the new superintendent

  Not at all Important Somewhat Important Neutral Important Very Important
Accountable: Takes responsibility, accepts consequences
Articulate: Communicates effectively and professionally
Collaborative: Builds relationships, partnership and teams
Executive Ability: Skilled at matching employees’ skills with specific jobs, able to remove unsuccessful employees, experienced at training future leaders
Friendly: Shows kindness and warmth
Innovative: Seeks new ideas, comfortable with change
Knowledgeable of Laws: Knows Alabama and federal education laws
Strategic Thinker: Change agent who has successfully set and achieved goals to solve significant problems
Successful Educator: Has a proven record for closing achievement gaps, understands the education process, passionate about learning and helping students achieve a high levels.

* 5. Which of the following categories most accurately describes you? (Choose one. If you fit more than one category, choose the category that most influenced your answers in this survey.)