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Proposals Due: April 22, 2024

The ACGME seeks proposals for funding awards to support the two-year projects for Project in a Box based on the successful Cycle 1 project "Resident Trading Card Program" (see RFP for project description). The basis of the Project in a Box option is to provide a successful project example to inspire residents and fellows from all specialties to innovate. Proposed projects should be interventions designed for the resident’s/fellow’s specialty, practice location, patient population, etc. Successful project proposals will include a tangible item delivered to the patient, such as a memento, token, or any imaginative artifact that aims to foster connection between the resident/fellow and the patient.

The aim of Back to Bedside is to empower residents and fellows to develop transformative projects that foster meaning and joy in work and allow them to engage on a deeper level with what is at the heart of medicine: their patients. Ultimately, the goal of this initiative is to improve clinical learning environments in equitable and impactful ways with lessons that can be widely disseminated and solutions that can be implemented broadly.

It is highly recommended that applicants download the full Project in a Box RFP from the Back to Bedside web page on the ACGME website to answer questions offline before completing this document. The questions in this survey are the same as those in the PDF version of the RFP.

Applicants will be asked to upload a detailed project budget (described in Section III of the RFP), required letters of commitment (described in Section IV of the RFP), and optional letters of support (described in Section V of the RFP) as one single PDF document at the end of this survey.
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