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Convergent Performance, a veteran owned small business located in Colorado Springs, has made a bold proclamation in support of aviation safety by publicly stating they will lead a global effort to remove the hot button issue of professionalism from the NTSB’s “Top Ten” list of most needed safety improvements within five years.

Convergent CEO, Dr. Tony Kern, states that “Aviation has led the world in safety innovations for decades, and the stain of unprofessionalism must be removed if we are to continue to lead, or even maintain the public trust.” Convergent plans to work with everyone who has a stake in this game, to include the military, manufacturers, insurance companies, airports, pilots, air traffic controllers, organized labor, associations, industry and passengers.” Kern is adamant that more regulation is not needed, but will probably occur if something is not done by those inside the industry. “Public trust is a fickle thing. There is little doubt that in the absence of a proactive effort to deal with the perceptions and reality of unprofessional behaviors, regulation will flow into the vacuum. Our industry is too good to let that happen.”

The Aviation Professionalism Pledge:

I am an aviation professional and operate within a system that is - as the famous poster says - "terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect." I believe our profession is, and should remain, essentially self-regulating, standing upon the three pillars of competence, compliance, and mutual trust between professional peers. Those who do not meet these standards damage the profession as a whole. Therefore, I pledge to remain vigilant, not only of my own performance, but also for identifying, reporting, and if possible, correcting all threats to the safety and integrity of my proud, chosen profession.

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