Thanks for your interest in Autistic-led courses on Autistic Wellbeing.

We have been offering three different courses aimed at Autistic adults, families and professionals respectively. We are currently reviewing our course offerings and do not have any full courses open for enrolment.

If you are a health or education professional working with Autistic clients we have two short courses available for enrolment, but won't be offering the full professionals course again until early 2023 - please see for information about the short courses.

This form will allow you register your interest in our courses and be informed when courses relevant for you open for enrolment or application. The first page contains information we need to be able to contact you and keep you informed about courses that might be relevant to you.

After this you can also choose to complete a few optional questions which will give us more information about the kinds of people who are interested in our courses (e.g. parents are asked which broad age group/s their children are in) and the learning experiences people are looking for (e.g. text-based peer discussions, small groups that meet via video chat etc.). 

It will take less than 5 minutes to complete without the additional questions (which should take no more than 5 additional minutes of your time).

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We offer several courses and this will help us know which ones to provide you with information about.

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