In 2016 Devpolicy put a set of questions about aid in a large public opinion survey (the Australian Survey of Social Attitudes, or AuSSA). Now we’re interested in comparing what the public told us with what you—members of the Australian aid and development community—think.

To help us with this, please fill out the following survey if you currently or used to work in aid, or are a volunteer, academic or student working on international development issues. It will only take about 5 minutes to complete.

* 1. Every year the Australian government gives aid money to poorer countries. Currently just under $1 out of every $100 of federal government spending is given as aid. Which one of the following options best reflects your opinion about aid spending?

* 2. Do you think Australian government aid to poor countries should be given primarily for the purpose of helping people in poor countries, or do you think Australian aid should be given primarily to help advance Australia’s commercial and strategic interests?

* 3. Thinking now about why the Australian government should give aid to poorer countries, which one of the following comes closest to describing the main reason you think Australia should give aid?