About the camp

Website: https://camp.songwriting.hu/

Artisjus Songwriting Camp is the place where you can dedicate yourself to songwriting, while we take care of everything else.

Inspiration, new co-authors and new vibes - these are just a few of the many advantages that a songwriting camp may bring to your artist career. Artisjus Songwriting Camp brings together 21 creative songwriters and producers from Europe.

We recruit songwriters who would love to create music in three-person teams with other established lyricists, songwriters, producers. Participants will arrive from Hungary and all over Europe. 

The organisers will give you the technical background, the possibility of networking and the inspiration that you may need to challenge yourself in a totally new way.

Are you interested in attending the camp? 
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  23rd May (Tuesday) – 27th June (Saturday) - 3 entire days and 4 nights
Where? Budapest, Petnehazy Club Hotel
Number of songwriters:
21 (7-8 Hungarian authors)
Watch this video for insights about an Artisjus Songwriting Camp! 

Who will organize and who will run the camp? 
On behalf of the Hungarian Collective Management Organisation, Artisjus the team of Zeneszöveg.hu organizes all the technical details and will run the camp. 

How many participants in total and how many in each session?
21 participants altogether, 7 teams with 3-3 members, in different combinations each day.

Do participants have to pay any fee? 
Participation, accommodation, catering are covered by us (Artisjus) and these are free of charge for all participants.
Please note: if you’re not from Budapest, travel costs are not covered between Budapest and your hometown. If you need Covid-testing in your home country outside Hungary, these costs are not covered either. 
We'll sign a contract with each participant. 

Who decides about the applications and selects the participants?
Authors of Artisjus' management board decides about the final list of participants.