Arriba Shuttle Must Not Be Eliminated

To: Chancellor Khosla
CC: Vice Chancellor Gary Matthews, Vice Chancellor for Resource Management and Planning

With little warning or explanation, the university has decided to discontinue the Arriba/City shuttle. This decision puts an unacceptable and unnecessary financial burden on UCSD Postdocs and Academic Researchers (ARs), many of whom have young families. The contribution that Postdocs and ARs make to the university is undeniable thus it’s important that amenities such as the Arriba/City shuttle are preserved so that we can can make it to campus safely. Many Postdocs and Academic Researchers chose to live close to this shuttle line given that utilizing this service is eco-friendly and there are limited parking options on campus. Moreover, access to the shuttle is promoted on the UCSD housing site as a viable option for Postdocs and ARs. We call on you to immediately rescind this decision so that Postdocs and Academic Researchers may continue to make use of this essential service.

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