What is an Official Community Plan (OCP)?
The purpose of an OCP is to provide direction for land use and development. An OCP is based on the community's economic, social, and environmental values.

Why are we updating the OCP?

The Upper Bridge River Valley (Area A) OCP last underwent a major review in 2006. An update to the OCP will incorporate current information and best practices, as well as reflect the changing demographics and needs of the region.

What is the purpose of this survey? How will your feedback be used?

This short survey will gather initial input to help set the overall direction for the OCP update, and identify the vision, goals, and objectives that will form the basis for the updated plan.

We want to hear from you - what is important to the SLRD Area A community in 2022? What do you want Area A to look like in 2038?

Question Title

Area A OCP Review and Update Project Timeline

<em>Area A OCP Review and Update Project Timeline</em>