GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS:  This survey is used to gather public comments and suggestions concerning appraisal review boards (ARBs) in compliance with Tax Code Section 5.103(e). It is intended to capture information concerning the performance of ARB panels and full ARBs, but not the results of protest hearings.

NOTE: The Comptroller's office does not have authority to intervene in local tax matters or take direct action on any comment or suggestion submitted.

FILING INSTRUCTIONS:  One survey should be completed per hearing conducted by a single ARB panel or the full ARB in a single day, whether concerning one account or several accounts and whether the accounts are related to the same property or not.  Persons participating in protest hearings before the same ARB panel or full ARB on several days may complete one survey on each day.  Persons participating in multiple protest hearings before different ARB panels are allowed to complete one survey for each panel in a single day.

The survey is administered locally in compliance with the Comptroller's Appraisal Review Board Survey Implementation Instructions.  If you need assistance completing the survey, please ask the taxpayer liaison officer or the appraisal district's designee
14% of survey complete.