Eligibility requirements

Prior to completing this form, please ensure that your product meets the eligibility requirements for testing as listed below.
1. All components required to provide basic energy services are sold/installed as a kit:
PV module(s)
• Charge control unit(s)
• Battery/batteries
• Cables, switches, connectors, and protective devices sufficient to connect the PV module(s), charge control unit(s) and battery/batteries
• Loads (optional)
o Lighting and requisite cables
o Load adapter cables (e.g., for mobile phones)
o Other appliances (TV, fan, radio, etc.) and their requisite cables

Note that the kit may consist of interchangeable components from a product family. The product family may be eligible for testing according to the Lighting Global Framework for Testing Product Component Families.

2. The PV module maximum power point voltage and the working voltage of any other components in the kit shall not exceed 35 V DC. AC inputs may exceed this limit.

3. Only DC systems, outputs and loads are covered. No inverters or AC outputs/outlets, or AC appliances are eligible for support through Lighting Global.

4. The peak power rating of the kit is less than or equal to 350Watts. [Note: products with peak power of approximately 15W and less can be tested as part of our existing program for pico-products. Visit www.lightingglobal.org/quality-assurance-program/testing-process/ for details.]

5. Kits must be plug-and-play. Plug-and-play implies that no design expertise is required to choose appropriate system components and no technicians or electricians are necessary to safely and successfully install and operate the system. All electrical connections can be made without the use of tools. Installation and operation instructions should be presented using language and graphics that can be understood by the typical consumer.

6.  Product samples for testing must be from a full-production run in which sampling agents can select samples from a stock of at least 150 units.