Applied syllabuses have been redeveloped to align with the design principles adopted for all syllabuses for senior subjects.

Draft 1 of the redeveloped Applied syllabuses were released for public consultation at the start of 2022. Feedback was provided to the QCAA via an online survey.

Feedback suggested three key areas to consider when developing Draft 2:
1.     clearly foregrounding applied learning
2.     assessment — ensuring authenticity and more appropriate scope and scale
3.     increasing flexibility.
The QCAA conducted over 50 focus group events to seek further feedback from stakeholders, primarily to determine if the proposed changes being made for Draft 2 were satisfactorily addressing the feedback provided about Draft 1. Over 1200 stakeholders attended these events and their input was greatly valued.

Draft 2 has now been released for public consultation. Please complete this survey after reviewing Draft 2.