ZDHC online for ZDHC MRSL Level 1 Acceptance for Laboratories and Certifiers

The ZDHC, Roadmap to Zero, has developed the Manufacturing Restricted Substances List, MRSL, limiting harmful chemicals in formulations for the manufacturing of textile, apparel and leather products. Only chemical testing facilities/laboratories and certifying bodies which received recognition through the ZDHC, based on a performance and capability check, will be officially recognised to issue corresponding MRSL certificates.

This guidance will provide you with the necessary information needed to apply as an ZDHC Accepted MRSL Certifier. The SurveyMonkey will guide you through each individual step of the application process.
  • Please make sure before proceeding to the online application to have all relevant and essential documents needed for the process available and on hand.
  • You can apply individually as a laboratory/certifier or as a laboratory/certifier group. In any case the below listed documents have to be submitted for every physical location you are applying for.

Essential documents are the documents that individually or collectively explain and show the performance and capabilities of chemical testing labs and certifier related to the testing/evaluation of harmful substances in various matrices according to ZDHC MRSL and officially recognized but not limited to, through an accreditation process, by a relevant party.

The following documents are necessary to successfully accomplish the process for both laboratories and certifiers.
  1. Business license(s) for every applicant/location of the laboratory/group and/or certifier
  2. Organization chart of the laboratory/group and/or certifier listing the names, responsibilities and competencies of the staff
  3. ISO 17025 certification for the laboratory processes and methods. For certifying bodies please provide certificates proving your capabilities of evaluation hazardous substances
  4. Quality manual describing your QA process. For certifier provide a detailed process on how to ensure the necessary quality for the evaluation process.
  5. List of Standard Operating Procedures, SOPs, for the sample preparation and analytical testing of hazardous substances in chemical formulations
  6. Analytical methods for the testing of hazardous substances in chemical formulations with their respective Detection - and Reporting Limit
  7. Source documents such as test packages you are offering for each type of formulation matching the recommended test listed in the ZDHC MRSL Annex A test grid.
For certifiers, we need the below on top of the previous,
  1. Case Report forms (sample data package) including a sample ID of the source redacted including the sample blank and associated quality control
  2. A draft of the certificate provided to the chemical formulator following the ISO 17025 containing the following information 
    1. Name and address of the certifying body 
    2. Name and address of the chemical formulation producer applying for the certification 
    3. Scope of the certification. For the MRLS certification there needs to be a link to the Level
    4. Statement that the chemical formulation being certified do comply/being conformant to the ZHDC MRSL Version 1.1, (in future certification to relevant MRSL needs to be chosen)
    5. Name of the chemical formulation
    6. Usage of the chemical’s formulation in manufacturing processes
    7. Certification date and Certification expiry date
    8. A unique certificate number. This number needs to be included into the test reports as well for future reference
    9. Official signature on the certifying body on the certificate
The acceptance process within ZDHC is based on a due diligence process which consists of the evaluation of the submitted and complete essential documents and answering of question specific criteria.
  • Incomplete set of documents will not be accepted by ZDHC and the process will only start/continue once the documents are complete. 
  • When all documents have been submitted as requested ZDHC is asking for a maximum of 4 (four) weeks for the processing.
  • Once finished ZDHC will inform the laboratory/certifier about the approval process and will issue the acceptance letter, if accepted.
After acceptance the ZDHC will communicate via the Weekly Digest and the ZDHC Website to its community that the laboratory and/or certifier has been added to accepted MRSL Conformers.

At the same time the on-boarding will start will start for the gateway verification process.

All documents related to the application/approval and certification process will be treated absolutely confidential kept and filed with ZDHC during the period of the two (2) years certificate validity. After the period of 2 years, the applicant needs to re-apply for the ZDHC MRSL conformance.

Payment structure:
This approval fee is based on the nature of the applicant;

For each applicant EUR 850,00

If you agree with the process hereabove, please click on Next to proceed to your application.