Alpine Testing Solutions, Inc. (Alpine), in partnership with Schlesinger Group, is investigating the current and near future practice of architecture in the United States, including how architects and other professionals contribute to the creation of the built environment. The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) is sponsoring the project to inform the future development of its licensure programs and to advance general understanding of how the profession is evolving.

About the Analysis of Practice

What’s being studied?
  • Architects’ roles and responsibilities in the United States, including how these overlap with the work of related professionals in the built environment
  • Skills and competencies architects have, do not have, or need more of
  • Common experiences throughout an architect’s career
  • The value of licensure and the role of health, safety, and welfare in architecture
  • The impact that ethics has on the practice of architecture
  • Likely influence of technology on the near future practice of architecture
  • The impact of equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • The perspectives and expectations of architecture clients
  • Current and near future areas of practice in architecture

How will the findings be used?
  • To inform updates to competency expectations for practicing architects
  • To re-evaluate existing competency assessments
  • To inform updates to the requirements of NCARB’s licensure programs and services
Who can participate?
  • All architects and individuals working in architecture in the United States, including students, retired architects, and those pursuing a license
  • Any individual working in a related profession that works closely with architects, such as landscape architecture or engineering
  • Human resource managers or hiring managers who are knowledgeable about the roles and responsibilities of architects and/or other professionals who work closely with architects
  • Architectural clients who typically commission and contract the work of architects

How to participate?
  • All eligible individuals may participate in a practice-wide survey
  • Some individuals may be asked to participate by sharing their experiences through a blog, story submission, or webinar
  • Based on the needs of the study and responses to the following form, some individuals will be invited to participate in one-on-one web interviews, electronic bulletin board discussions, mini-surveys, in-person focus groups, or by documenting their daily work activities through the use of a mobile application—these individuals may receive a small stipend for their time

  • Between June 2021 and April 2022

If you would like a chance to participate, please complete the information in this survey.

Also, please forward this survey to any individuals you believe would be qualified and interested in participating. We thank you in advance for your time!
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