Deadline is August 31, 2020

Oct 12-13, 2020
Hyatt Regency Sacramento
1209 L Street, Sacramento, CA

You may only volunteer for one shift during the Conference which will allow you to attend the second part of the same day for free

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Confidentiality Agreement

NAMI California and its volunteers/student interns have an ethical and legal obligation to respect the privacy of our members/affiliates and to protect and maintain the confidentiality of all information that we learn about our members/affiliates, their family members and friends in the course of providing services to them. Information of a confidential nature is not to be discussed with anyone outside NAMI California and only discussed within NAMI California on a "need to know" basis.

Volunteers/student interns have a responsibility to avoid unnecessary disclosure of non-confidential internal information about NAMI California and its associates. This responsibility is not intended to impede normal business communications and relationships, but is intended to alert volunteers/student interns to their obligation to use discretion to safeguard internal NAMI California affairs. If a volunteer/student intern has any question in any situation, they should consult with their supervisor.

Waiver of Liability

I wish to volunteer my time, effort, and services as a volunteer to assist NAMI California and/or I am participating in an educational program whereby I am volunteering my time as part of an approved internship program.

As a volunteer/intern, I donate my time, effort, and services to NAMI California and understand that I will receive no compensation in return.

I recognize and understand that my volunteer/internship activities for NAMI California may expose me to the possibility of injury to my person and property and that I may suffer some kind of injury as a result of an accident and other unforeseen circumstances.

I recognize that as a volunteer/student intern, I am not covered by any workers compensation or similar insurance that would pay my medical bills incurred because of any injury I may receive while performing services as a volunteer.

Despite this risk of injury and lack of workers compensation or other medical insurance coverage from NAMI California I knowingly and voluntarily waive any and all claims, actions, or causes of action against NAMI California and agree to hold the organization, its, agents, affiliates, and employees harmless for any injury or damage that I may suffer as a result of my activities as a volunteer/student intern for NAMI California.

In return for my agreement to these conditions, NAMI California accepts my services as a volunteer/student intern.

Volunteer Agreement

In consideration of the right to participate in this event, I give consent to and authorize the taking of photographs or videotapes in which I may appear. I waive all right of privacy in any photographs or videotapes.

I will behave in a professional manner-- I will not engage in illegal drug or alcohol use nor act in any way that is disrespectful, violent, or aggressive.

I will notify NAMI CA by email/phone, (916) 567-0163, as soon as possible if I will be unable to volunteer due to unforeseen circumstances.

I will not leave my post during my scheduled shift to attend any part of the conference such as the general session or workshops.   I will take rest breaks as allowed and inform my shift partner or NAMI CA staff.

I understand that NAMI CA will not provide meals to volunteers.

Please carefully read the Confidentiality Agreement, the Waiver of Liability, and the Volunteer Agreements.

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* 4.
Conference attendance and registration

Volunteering for one shift during the Conference, allows entry into the Conference on the same day. For example, if you volunteer for a morning shift on Tuesday, you will then be able to attend the Tuesday afternoon portion of the Conference and vice versa.

I understand that if I have registered for the Conference, I will not receive a refund if selected to volunteer.

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* 5.
Registration Check-In: check in participants, speakers, and guests; provide name tags, folders, etc; direct lost attendees where to go.
Greeter: wear the provided orange vests, so that attendees can easily distinguish you; welcome individuals; direct lost participants where to go (map will be provided), walk guests to location if needed.
Welcome/Wellness Center: greet guests and have them to sign in; keep area tidy; assist Connection facilitators.
Volunteer Check In: check volunteers in and out; hand volunteers name tags; remind volunteers of roles and stations if necessary; hand out CEU packets if requested.
Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Volunteer: attend selected CEU workshop; stamp CEU packets at the beginning of the workshop; stamp CEU packets after the workshop for attendees who attended the entire workshop.

Interpreter: attend the Conference; interpret through headset with a partner; must be proficient in languages needed.
Note: NAMI CA Staff will be available if there are any questions.

Please select the shift you are interested in volunteering:
*Each volunteer is only allowed one shift per conference.
*Spots are limited.

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* 6. Please select your second choice from the following if your first choice was not available.
*Each volunteer is only allowed one shift per conference.
*Spots are limited.