1. Personal Information and Lodging

UPDATE: Retreat registration is currently AT CAPACITY. All new registrations as of 5:00 PM EST on January 30 will be added to our wait list. Please do fill out the registration survey if you're still interested, and stand by. You will hear more from us if spaces become available.

Thank you for your interest in this year's March 26-31 residential retreat with Anam Thubten in Port Murray, NJ, hosted by the Princeton Buddhist Meditation Group. To register, you will need to do three things: select a housing option, complete a form to assist in meal planning (only if you have food allergies), and submit either a deposit or a full payment (once we notify you of an opening). Please note that Anam Thubten has asked all participants to commit to attend the full retreat. Your deposit is due at the time of registration; all fees must be paid in full by March 1.

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* 1. Please give us your full name and tell us where to contact you.

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* 2. You have two lodging options, described below. 
Note: Shared double housing is now at capacity and we have begin a wait list. 
 Should you choose to be put on the shared double wait list we will contact you as soon as space opens back up.
Please select Option #3 if you are only interested in attending the retreat if there is space for you in the shared double housing but not the dorm housing,
The meal plan is part of the cost and includes 15 meals: Tuesday dinner; breakfast, lunch, and dinner Wed-Sat; and breakfast/lunch on Sunday. Please note that the retreat space doesn’t allow for singles, and there is no offsite housing or commuter option. 

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* 3. (For rooming purposes) I identify as:

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* 4. If you have chosen Option 1 (a shared double) and would like to request a particular roommate, please enter that person's name below. You and your roommate must register separately, and both must register quickly--ideally at about the same time--before all double rooms are reserved. If you do not request a particular roommate, we will assign you one.

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* 5. Food allergies/other special needs:

Any participant with a food allergy will need to complete a brief form. Please alert Kathie, our registrar (atrinfo@princetonbuddhist.org), who will email you the Food Allergies Form. This is a specific request from our hosts at Cross Roads. If you do not have a food allergy, you need not complete the form.

Please note that, for this retreat, all meals will be vegetarian. If you are vegan please answer question #6 below, but do not complete the Food Allergies Form.

If you have special needs OTHER than dietary ones that you need us to know about, please indicate them below.

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* 6. I do not have a food allergy (if so, see question #5 above), but I am:

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* 7. Who is your emergency contact?

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* 8. Senior/student discounts are available for this retreat. Note that the senior/student discount may be applied to either the shared double or the dormitory style housing option. 

Scholarship assistance is also available for this retreat but is only available for the dormitory housing option. If you request scholarship assistance, the scholarship chair will be in touch with you, and will ask you to complete a brief financial aid questionnaire. 

Please note, too, that you may choose the the senior/student discount or a scholarship, but not both.

If you do not wish to request a discount or scholarship, please mark "no thanks" below. 

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* 9. Payment information: All payments for the retreat must be made no later than March 1. You may either pay in full when you register, or pay a $100 deposit now and pay the balance so that it is received before March 1. Payment will not be accepted onsite at the retreat.

You may pay either by PayPal and by check mailed to our Treasurer (made payable to Princeton Buddhist Meditation Group). Please note that, because of the administrative fees that PayPal charges us, there is a 3% surcharge to pay via PayPal.

Refunds in full will be available before March 15. Anyone who cancels after March 15 will forfeit the full amount of the registration fee. (Forfeited fees may be designated as tax-deductible contributions upon request.)