The Alliance for Nonprofit Management (Alliance) is the national voice and catalyst for the field of capacity building. We improve the effectiveness of individuals, groups, and organizations who help nonprofits and communities achieve positive social change.  
We are looking for innovative workshop sessions sharing new, leading-edge content aligned with our conference theme, “Facing Power and Privilege in Capacity Building”.  Our theme also includes a related focus on Advancing Racial Equity and Capacity Building. We seek well-designed, interactive sessions that incorporate evidence or research, creative presentation formats, and highly experiential learning that will inspire conference participants to evolve their approaches to capacity building.

 In alignment with the 2019 conference theme, we seek proposals which integrate aspects of these themes within the content and facilitation of your session.   
❏ Facing Power and Privilege in Capacity Building
Power and privilege are inherent in nonprofit organizations, and as capacity builders, we are faced with these dynamics in every aspect of our work, whether we are consultants, funders, or researchers. Additionally, nonprofits exist in a larger context of systemic, structural, and racial inequalities. As capacity builders, how do we effectively address issues of power and privilege with the organizations with whom we work?  What are ways that we can integrate these issues in all types of capacity building?  What are effective ways capacity builders can address their own power and privilege in organizational systems? How can capacity builders and the nonprofit sector more directly confront these issues through movement building and advocacy in the larger political context? These are some of the questions we’d like the conference sessions to explore.
❏ Advancing Racial Equity and Capacity Building  

Racial equity is the just and fair act of inclusion and access to power, resources, positive rewards or opportunities among all members of a society or a diverse group of people regardless of race or ethnicity--- paying attention to redress for racial groups traditionally marginalized and discriminated against or historically disenfranchised. These sessions will focus on how capacity building can integrate a a ‘racial equity lens’- that is, paying systemic attention to race and ethnicity in assessment and interventions.

Alliance workshops are intended for consultants, coaches, capacity-building organizations, pracademics, researchers, funders, and nonprofit leaders who are interested in the field of capacity building.  Sessions should NOT be geared to nonprofit staff and board members, but rather to their capacity builders, researchers, funders, and graduate students to help other capacity builders improve their own practices.  Workshops must be interactive; we want participants to learn, to experience the content in fresh ways, and to be inspired to evolve their approaches to this work. The format must fit into either a 90-minute session or a double session. Although we are interested in workshops for varying levels of experience, a majority of our participants are at the advanced level. 

Please note that presenters are responsible for their own conference registration, travel, hotel and other expenses.

Due to the complex demands of scheduling, requests for specific days or times for participation are generally not accepted. In extreme cases, attempts will be made to accommodate special scheduling requests.