Jannett Matusiak, 
SCC Director   

About: The Scientific & Cultural Collaborative (SCC) awards the Alliance Project Grant to a team of interdisciplinary teachers from a K-12 public school in Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Boulder, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson counties. Eligible counties rotate year to year. One school is selected from each county and serves a segment of the student body, 150-180 students. (Some assemblies allow for larger student participation.) Recipient schools can receive up to $11,000 worth of programs, workshops, field trips and assemblies from 27 arts, culture and science organizations funded by the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD). Funds vary according to budget approval of the SCC and SCFD. The SCC Director works with the team of teachers in creating curriculum applications and learning opportunities for students that reach standards through educational programs offered by SCC organizations including Professional Development. Additionally, the grant provides funding toward buses, substitute teachers and library support.     
Eligibility for 2019-20: K-12 Public Schools in Adams, Boulder, Denver and Jefferson Counties. Arapahoe, Broomfield, Douglas counties will be eligible in 2020-2021. Schools that have received the Alliance Project Grant between 2017-2019 are not eligible.
Application deadline: April 17, 2019 midnight
Grant Awards Announced:  Early May
Grant Awarded: August 2019-May 2020 School Year
Grant Amount: Approximate value for services varies but can be up to $11,000 per year paid to organizations for programming and schools toward buses and substitute teachers.This is not a cash award.
Grant Contributors: Funding is provided by 27 members of the SCC who receive funding from the citizen supported by the SCFD. List of organizations on page 2.
Length of Award: 2 years. (1 year guaranteed with evaluation/review to renew for 2nd year. There will also be an opportunity to receive a small 3rd year award to continue programming.)
Requirements: The Alliance Grant was created for a team of interdisciplinary teachers from one school, not one individual. These areas include: Science, Social Science, Language Arts, Visual Arts, Theatre and/or Music, Dance (if available) and other areas as requested. Teachers selected to be on the team must attend 4 (1-hour) meetings throughout the year as well as a Kick-Off Meeting in August.

Upon receipt of application, you will be asked to have your principal and lead teacher sign-off an approval/acknowledgement form. If you do not receive this within 7 days of your application, please contact us.
If you leave the midway you MUST access the survey again from the same device and browser to continue. The version submitted midnight April 17th is final.Click for PDF Preview of Application - not for submission