Dear participant,

Many thanks for taking your time to fill this survey of the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services and share your knowledge, stories and experiences with us.

The survey will serve the GFRAS Secretariat to generate some snapshots of the positive effects and impacts that GFRAS, its regional networks and the country fora had on policies, organisations and individuals over the past years. It is not meant to be a scientific assessment and hence doesn't claim to be complete or following strict scientific standards.

At the end of this exercise, we hope to be able to illustrate some of the big successes of GFRAS. But we also think that the overall impact is very much the result of all the little, seemingly inconspicuous changes in behaviours and actions of people from all over the world directly or indirectly involved in extension. We are therefore equally interested in hearing your more subtle, implicit and less straightforward everyday-life stories that showcase the effects and impacts of GFRAS and its regional networks and country fora. So please make sure you think of those stories, too, when you are filling in the survey.

With just the must-have’s, filling in the survey will take you not more than 10-15 minutes. However, if you are willing to share some deeper knowledge and experiences with us, we thank you for sparing a little more time for it. Finally, kindly note that you can keep your answers short, as if you let us know your name and email in the first section, we might get in touch with you at a later stage for a more thorough chat to follow-up on some of your answers.

For any questions, kindly contact natalie.ernst@g-fras.org

We thank you very much in advance!
Natalie and the GFRAS Secretariat

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