The Town of Shrewsbury is leading by example and creating a Climate Action and Resiliency Plan for its municipal operations. Through this plan, the Town seeks to: 
  • Reduce the Town of Shrewsbury’s contribution to climate change, 
  • Ensure the Town's operations are resilient and efficient, 
  • Save money, time, and resources,  
  • Preserve the Town’s history, culture, and quality of life, and 
  • Prepare for the current and coming impacts of climate change. 
A municipal climate action plan incorporates sustainability principles and climate solutions into local government operations. The draft plan has identified goals, strategies, actions, metrics, and targets that fall under the operational control of the Town (e.g., actions related to municipal buildings, vehicles, policies, etc.).

Instructions for Submitting a Public Comment
Community members are encouraged to share their feedback through this survey by September 30, 2023.

On the first page of the survey, you will be able to provide feedback on a selection of metrics and targets that are being considered for the Municipal Plan. Then, you'll be able to comment on the draft goals and subsequent strategies and actions for each focus area of the plan. The five focus areas are: 
  • Clean Energy and Efficient Buildings
  • Resilient Operations
  • Smart Waste and Water Management 
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Vibrant Natural Resources 
You do not have to comment on every section; all questions are optional. Thank you for your feedback!

If you have any questions about the All In Shrewsbury Municipal Climate Action and Resiliency Plan, reach out to us at (508) 841-8508, visit our website or email

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