The Oregon Legislature adopted Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities (CFEC) rules in July 2022. The rules require many local governments, including Albany, to study, identify, and designate "climate friendly areas" to help provide local residents with more housing and transportation choices while also meeting Oregon’s Climate Pollution Reduction Targets for 2050. These rules require some cities to update their transportation and land use plans and development codes to accommodate walkable, mixed-use development.

What do Climate Friendly Areas look like?
A Climate Friendly Area (CFA) is intended to be a place where residents, workers, and visitors can meet most of their daily needs without having to drive. These places may be urban mixed-use areas such as downtowns and main streets. For Albany, this means a minimum of 25 dwelling units per acre and buildings no less than 85 feet tall for the primary area, 15 dwelling units per acre and buildings no less than 50 feet tall for secondary areas, and commercial uses allowed throughout.

The goal of this questionnaire is to hear from you about the proposed Climate Friendly Area sites and anti-displacement strategies. Responses will be kept confidential and reported in aggregate. For more information on these projects, visit the project website.