Dear Colleague,

My name is Louise Haigh and I am currently studying for a Masters in Law at the University of Birkbeck. I am writing my dissertation on the vulnerability of agency workers in UK employment law and their experiences with trade unions.

Part of this research will be based on face-to-face interviews but the rest is on the basis of answers to the following short questionnaire. The questions are focused on your experiences, either past or present with employment agencies and also with the companies that you have been posted with. It will also ask questions about any contact you’ve had with trade unions and what you would like to gain out of joining a trade union or how you think unions could be improved to better represent agency workers. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete and please feel free to write as much or as little as you want, any comments are gratefully received.

The results will be entirely anonymous, I don’t ask for your name or your place of work, and if you prefer to post me a hard copy rather than email, please do let me know and I will send you a stamped addressed envelope.

Otherwise, if you could complete the survey online or email responses to I would be extremely grateful. Hopefully the results will go towards recommendations to trade unions in order to better organise in workplaces and help represent vulnerable workers.
Many thanks for your time, it is much appreciated.

Kind regards,