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This inaugural survey has been developed by AdNews in conjunction with Hearts & Science. The goal is to benchmark how growing Australian brands both large and small are responding to not only COVID, but also to the increasingly complex yet fragile and constantly changing environment we market in.

About AdNews
AdNews is the trade title that services the advertising, media, marketing and technology industries in Australia. Established for more than 90 years, it delivers news, features and investigations across online, print and a daily newsletter, read by more than 20,000 people.

About Hearts & Science
Hearts & Science is a media agency driven by the customer journey. With offices in Australia and New Zealand, it's part of the Omnicom Media Group and is the newest Omnicom agency, built with a mandate to challenge convention.

Survey Objectives
To provide an opportunity and a platform for Australian marketers to contribute to a unique point of view on the growing importance of precision marketing in enriching the customer journey, and how your organisations and brands are adapting. An opportunity to benchmark some of your strategies and plans for 2021 and your response to key industry trends.

Who should complete the survey?
Senior marketers and those who manage marketing, budgets and media resources or who use paid media as a key mechanism to reach their target market.

How do I get the results?
The survey is of course optional, and participation confidential.

Should you decide to complete the survey, a comprehensive report will be shared in advance of the public release. To get access to this report please add your email address in the required field. By adding your email address you agree to receive occasional and related emails from Hearts & Science. If you decide not to include your email address but want to receive a copy of the public report when available please let us know here.

In addition, and depending on how we go with COVID restrictions, a limited number of participants will get the opportunity to attend the launch of the public report in March 2021. To be considered you will of course need to add your email address.

All submissions will remain confidential. All analysis will be in the aggregate and responses will only be made available to a limited data analytics resource within Hearts & Science and the Omnicom Media Group where required.

You can find the AdNews privacy policy here and the Hearts & Science privacy policy here.

Thank you.


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* 4. Did your organisation receive the JobKeeper allowance during 2020?

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* 6. On average, in a normal year, how many full-time equivalent employees do you have in Australia?

14% of survey complete.