Introduction to Survey

Afterschool Access and Equity Management Survey

Oregon AfterSchool for Kids (OregonASK) is collecting data around issues of access & equity in afterschool programs. The goal of this data collection project is to identify barriers to accessing afterschool programs as well as equitable practices within the field. Our hope is to identify where gaps in service may exist to be able to effectively advocate for more funding and resources to support quality expanded learning opportunities for all youth in Oregon. The data will be used to compile a report to share with elected officials. 

But to do this, we need your help! If you are a program manager, coordinator, or director of an afterschool program for school aged children that takes place during the school year, you should take this survey. If you run multiple sites, please answer questions with all sites in mind. General areas of data collection include: Program enrollment, program demographics, program cost, funding, and general program information. No identifiable information will be tied to you or your program in our final report. We are only asking for your name and your programs name for our internal tracking purposes. 

To help you move through the survey more quickly it would help if you had enrollment, budget, and scheduling data for your program at hand. The survey should take about 20 minutes to complete. 

As part of this project, we will also be collecting data from onsite staff who work directly with youth, as well as youth who participate in afterschool programs. If you are interested in taking these surveys, please contact us at or 503-689-1656. 

We understand that many of you are busy so as an added thank you, programs who take the survey will also have access to incentives, including a free registration to the Oregon Afterschool Conference, free museum passes, and much more!

Thank you for taking the survey, your help is much appreciated!