Welcome to our brief safety survey

Have you noticed an area that concerns you when driving, bicycling, or walking? Or thought someone should know about that traffic problem?

The SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization (SEAGO) and Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization (SVMPO) need your input. Help improve traffic safety in our community by pinpointing worrisome areas and unsafe travel behaviors you have witnessed.

* 1. How frequently have you observed drivers doing the following?

  Never Occasionally Often
Drunk or drugged driving
Texting or talking on cell phone
Not stopping completely at stop signs
Not stopping at crosswalks
Illegal/unsafe turns
Tailgating/following too closely
Failure to use turn signal
Reckless (careless) driving
Not stopping for a red light
Passing illegally (hill or curve, across double yellow line, school zone, school bus)
Driving too slowly
Not wearing seat belts